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Boat House in Ooty

Summer Festival in Ooty

If you are confused planning of your most romantic Boat House in Ooty , we have something for you to make your dream holidays truly romantic, memorable and the most cherished moments of your life.

Our Boat House in Ooty offer you to enjoy Boat House in Ooty with your soulmate in some of the most romantic honeymoon destinations of the world.

Plan your honeymoon a once in a lifetime vacation, booking our tailor made Summer Festival in Ooty that presents you string of choices to pamper you soulmate and share romantic time being together. Our designed Ooty Boat House Tours let you celebrate and enjoy one of the biggest days of your life in some of the romantic destinations.

Boat Races and Boat Pageantry in Ooty

The popular hill station of Ooty becomes even more happening in the summers. The famous Ooty Lake that is a major draw for the tourists, arranges for a boat race every year. It attracts a lot of tourists from for and wide during the festival of the Boat Races and Boat Pageantry in Ooty.

The festival of Boat Race in Ooty is arranged in the summer, usually in the month of May. The festival of Ooty Boat Races and Boat Pageantry continues for two days. This two day long festival is a major attraction for the tourists as well as the local people. They take part in the boat race and other activities that form parts of the festival.

The Ooty Lake is a beautiful water body that houses a Boat House where various kinds of boats can be hired from 8 am to 6 pm.

The month of May is a time for festivities in Ooty and the Boat Race and Boat Pageantry adds to the glory of the festive spirit. The merriment is all around Ooty in the month of May when there takes place many festivals. There is a very famous tradition of boat race in South India. Ooty is no exception to that and the Boat Races and Boat Pageantry in Ooty is an extension to the boat race tradition in South India.

Summer Festival Ooty
Summer is the time for festivities in the beautiful and charming place of Ooty. Tourists are at-tracted to the beautiful hill station of Ooty all the year round but during the summers, the charming place is thronged by all kinds of visitors. They come to be a part of the Summer Festival Ooty.

Ooty is famous for its Summer Festival, which is held every year in the month of May. The venue for the Summer Festival, as it is rightly called, is the famous Botanical Garden. With the greeneries of the Botanical Garden as the backdrop, ambiance of the Ooty Summer Festival is perfect.

The Summer Festival in Ooty include many interesting fairs and carnivals like the Flower Show. A large variety of flowers are displayed in this festival and this Flower show renders a very colorful and vibrant look to the Summer Festival of Ooty. The flower festival is held in the same venue as the Summer Festival but there are also festivities that go hand in hand in Ooty with the Summer carnival. There are the Boat Races, Fruit shows and other exhibitions that are held every year in the month of May in the hill station of Ooty.

During the Summer Festival, numerous cultural programmes are held in Ooty. Shows on tradi-tional classical arts are a special attraction. Arrangements are also made for some adventure sports like trekking for the ones who are interested. People from far and wide come to this beautiful hill station in this time of the year when the weather is also at its best.

Among the different interesting Boat House in Ooty, the Summer Festival is definitely very special.

India is very popular Summer Festival in Ooty for new wed couples. Ooty Boat House Tours provide truly romantic and agreeable ambiance for honeymoon couples and yes couples love to treasure them.

The Special Ooty Boat House Tours designed by us offers a wide scope of myriad romantic getaways for all the newly weds. Ooty Boat House Tours act as perfect escape from the humdrum of your daily lives. That’s not all! You don’t even have to shell out big bucks from your pocket for Summer Festival in Ooty in India.

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