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Ooty Lake Boat House | Ooty Boat House Tour

Ooty Lake Boat House | Ooty Boat House Tour

One can get a first glimpse of this beautiful lake and surrounding hills from the toy train just before arriving at Ooty station.

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One can see Children park before reaching this place. This is maintained by Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation.

Other than boating there is a Vegetarian restaurant, 3D simulation theater, Tora tora, Children amusement, Gift shop, floating snack bar, mini train, chat corner, dashing car ride ( ticket Rs 25 for 4 minutes ride ), 3D video games, Nilgiri product shop, Nursery etc.

From just behind the central Bus Stand (also near the Railway station) the famous Ooty Lake stretches, in an irregular 'L' shape, for about 2.75 kms in length and varying distances in width(100m – 140m).

For the curious, this lake was artificially formed by John Sullivan, the founder of Ooty, in 1823-25 by damming the mountain streams flowing down Ooty valley.

The lake which breached thrice, completely emptying itself, originally extended up to the present day market and ferries were used to get across one side to the other. The lake gradually shrunk in size giving place to the present racecourse, the bus stand and mini garden.

At the far end is the Boat House, where all kinds of boats are available for hire from eight in the morning to six in the evening. Surrounded by lofty eucalyptus trees and shrubs the lake is a scenic delight to ones from the concrete jungles.

During summer seasons, in May, boat races and boat pageantry are organized for two days at the lake which draws huge crowd. In recent years the lake and the boat house have become the hub of entertainment for the visitors.

At the boat house end, there is children's park with a toy train. A deer part is located in the adjacent area. Just outside the Boat house local ponies are available for jolly rides at a charge.

Before going for a boat ride it is advisable to use life jackets. There are different areas marked for motor boat and for pedal and row boat.

The average depth of this lake is 40 feet. Swimming inside the lake is not allowed.

There is a system of depositing money before taking a boat and sufficient counters are available to get refund money after the boat ride. Get your money back immediately after the boating. Boat club opens at 8 AM and closes at 6 PM.

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